Uni Shutou has more potential for growth in Japan

Gallery Kitchen Kiwi’s owner, Sunuko-san, is also a columnist, who writes about creative and easy cooking recipe in Japanese famous magazine, “Domani”.

She became a Maruhide uni fan once she ate our products and introduced our Uni Shutou in her column and her cooking class.

Uni Shutou is very exquisite and completely different from regular uni products in Japan. This time, I visited her gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, to see her and introduce our Uni Shutou to her cooking class students by sampling them as in a canape.

Maruhide Uni Shutou is now sold at her Gallery Kitchen KIWI ( ) in Nihonbashi. Please visit them.


@Gallery Kitchen KIWI in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

@Gallery Kitchen KIWI in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

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