What kind of sea urchins (Uni) are used in Maruhide products?

Sea urchins (Uni) we use are Red Sea Urchins, so called Aka-Uni in Japanese. Red Sea Urchins (Uni) that are caught in North America are large in size and very sweet compared to Japanese Bafun Uni. Red sea urchin’s roe has a tasteless impression due to its larger size, but is actually sweeter than the popular Bafun Uni.

Where are those sea urchins caught?

They are caught along the Channel Island off the Santa Barbara in California.

What are the differences between Tokusen/Premium sea urchins in metal tray and ensui pack?

Maruhide Tokusen Premium sea urchins are the highest quality sea urchins carefully selected, packed and used in high-end sushi restaurants. We pack best and suitable uni for metal tray which are soft yet steady enough to withstand transportations so that we can ship to anywhere.

Ensui uni goes from the cleaning process straight into salt water. The salt water is the same salinity as the ocean. Because of this, the uni you will taste is the same as uni that you would taste if you were to crack one for yourself at the shore.

Can I order uni any time?

Yes, you can order uni anytime of the year. But harvest of uni is much influenced by the weather. In case of bad weather, we may experience shortage of uni. In that time, we may delay the ship-out date.

How long is the guaranteed date?

Uni Shutou is good for about 10 days in refrigerator, and about 2 months in freezer.

For fresh uni, once you received, keep it refrigerated and serve within 2 days.

Can I keep fresh uni in freezer?

No. Once uni is frozen and thawed, flesh of uni becomes mushy. Please don’t freeze fresh uni.

Can I order more than one product when I order?

Yes. You can purchase more than one product when to order. Once you put merchandise into cart, just click “continue shipping”.

How can I pay?

When you order in our online shop, you will be asked to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Master, American Express, Discover card.

You don’t want shop online, but pay by check or money order, please send with order form downloaded from our website, www.maruhide.us. As soon as we received your order form and payment, we will ship accordingly.

Do I have to pay sales tax for my purchase?

No. We don’t charge sales tax.

How soon will my order be delivered?

Shipment to USA: Next day delivery by FedEx Priority Overnight.

Shipment to Japan: For mainland of Japan, 3 days to be delivered to the recipient from ship out day in USA and for other part of Japan, 4 days. There may be a several days of delay in case of arising delays in flight or custom clearance.

For customers who order fresh sea urchin:  Harvest of sea urchin is influenced by weather.  In case of bad weather, we may delay ship out date.

Can I assign the delivery date or time?

In case of shipment within USA, you can assign a ship date but not time. For Saturday delivery, there’ll be extra $16 to be charged.

For shipment to Japan, delivery date won’t be guaranteed, but delivery time can be ordered.

In case your order includes premium fresh uni, there’s possibilities of shipment delay. We may not receive live uni from our divers due to bad weather.

Can we take Uni products to Japan?

Maruhide’s Uni Products can be good souvenir from California. We use Aka-Uni, Red Sea Urchin, which is bigger in size and much creamier than Japan’s popular Bafun-uni. If you order beforehand, you can pick up on the day you take a flight. In case you order Premium Fresh Sea Urchin, there may be some possibilities that we cannot meet your requested date because we may not receive live uni from our divers due to bad weather.

It’s not necessary to declare quarantine for uni. We provide gel ice and cooler bag to take them with you.

Are the tastes of Uni affected by seasons?

No. Uni is harvested all year round here in California. We figure out the best spot for that time, considering ocean temperature and feeding ground.

Why some Uni has bitter taste?

Natural wild Uni varies in tastes, sizes, and colors. Bitterness comes from Iodine, contained in Kombu (kelp) which Uni feeds on. It’s not harmful.

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