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Recommended Products

  1. Shutou Sea Cucumber

    Marinated in Shutou soy sauce and packed in wooden tray.

  2. Mini Uni Shutou 5 Flavor Set

    Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles, is newly released as a Mini Uni Shutou 5 flavor set.

  3. Sampler Set

    Uni Lover's dream gift set. Set includes 5 Maruhide's original Uni Shutou, 1 Uni Shutou-Ruibe, 2 Premium Fresh Uni.

  4. Sea Urchin Soy Sauce

    Made with fresh Red Sea Urchin from California. Mixed with our original stock and soy sauce mixture, matured overnight to bring out its rich and flavorful taste.

  5. Uni Shutou

    Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles.Using only fresh uni from Santa Barbara, we marinate them in kombu-shoyu (kelp base soy sauce) to enrich its umami-flavor and packed in a jar.

  6. Premium Fresh Uni

    Wild red sea urchin caught off the waters of Santa Barbara is typically larger in size yet sweeter than that of the popular, Bafun Uni in Japan.


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