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Located on the Pacific Coast and north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a major production area blessed with high quality wild red sea urchin.  Cold current from North and abundant sea kelp help sea urchin grow larger and sweeter.  Once sea urchin is unloaded at the Santa Barbara port, immediately moved to the factory in Long Beach and processed on the same day.

Leaving from Santa Barbara & San Pedro Port


Before the sun rises, Maruhide contracted divers leave either from Santa Barbara or San Pedro port.  They will find a best spot for harvesting sea urchin, using their experience and knowledge about ocean water temperature, current flow, season and feed circumstance, etc.

Harvesting “Red Sea Urchin”


Divers dive to the depth of more than 32 feet and pick red sea urchin one by one, using special tools.  Red sea urchin sometime reaches 7 to 8 inches in diameter.



Scene from unloading sea urchins caught off the coast of Santa Barbara.  One bag net weighs about 400 ~ 500 lbs.

Transporting to the factory


The unloaded sea urchin is loaded from a ship onto Maruhide Truck with a crane and carried to the factory.

Arriving to the factory


The sea urchin arrived at the Long Beach factory is carried immediately to the inside of the factory.

Cracking sea urchins


Sea urchins are cracked by a special tool.

Removing from the shell


Because sea urchins are very soft and delicate, they are carefully and quickly taken out.

Removal of the organ


Because contents include inedible parts, they’re carefully removed by hands and tweezers.



Because each sea urchin have different characteristics, depending on growing circumstances and individual differences, edible parts of sea urchins are sorted at this stage.  Strictly screened by colors and shapes, only 50% of sea urchin pieces can be used as products.



Screened sea urchin pieces are packed carefully by skilled staff, so as to beautifully layered.

Deliver to customers

Packed fresh sea urchins are shipped immediately.  Part of fresh sea urhins are processed into “Uni Shutou” or “Ruibe” and delivered to customers.


Premium Fresh Uni in Wooden Tray

uni_gift_trayPremium Fresh Uni Metal Tray
fresh_uni_saltwater Fresh Uni in Salt Water
unishuto_products_original    Uni Shutou

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